Banks May 2024 Police Log

“Deputies were dispatched to the location after a roommate called to complain about one of the other several people living in the residence. Initially neither roommate was willing to listen to deputies on scene. Eventually, deputies were able to convey to the parties that they were experiencing civil problems and no crimes had occurred.” This and more in police calls in the city of Banks last month.

Voters have their say

Voters had their say in Tuesday night’s primary, selecting candidates for their party’s nomination to statewide, congressional and statewide offices, while also making decisions on local ballot measures and county races. We spoke to candidates, officials and others to find out what’s next.

City coloring contest open until April 30

The city of Banks National Drinking Water Week Coloring Contest, an annual event held by the city for young customers of Banks’ municipal water system is open for entries until April 30 at 1 p.m. Prizes include gift cards, a certificate, and reimbursement for part of a water bill.

Holt Homes holds Aerts Addition open house

Dozens of Banks-area residents filtered into an open house held the evening of Thursday April 11 at the Banks Middle School to hear from representatives from Holt Homes and their consultants on their preliminary plans for a development that could see 950 new homes built in Banks on and near the current Quail Valley Golf Course.

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