The Banks Post is an independently owned and operated newspaper in Banks, Oregon. Launched in 2017, it started first as an online-only newspaper and grew into a full-time digital newspaper with some print options as well.

It now serves areas in the city of Banks, and the communities of Timber, Buxton, Manning, Hayward, Mountaindale, and Roy.

It’s currently owned and operated solely by Chas Hundley, co-founder of the paper. Chas grew up in Gales Creek, and has a strong heritage in journalism in the Gales Creek Valley: His great-grandmother Esther Lilly Hundley wrote the “Fir Creek” rural column for the Forest Grove News-Times in the first part of the 1900s every week.

Chas is a proud Eagle Scout from Banks Troop 581, and has family ties to the Buxton, Timber and Mountaindale communities.

He honed his love of storytelling while living in the Gales Creek Country Store, Post Office, and Deli while a child, and learned to love journalism through the newspapers that were kept in stock for sale, including the Forest Grove News-Times, the Oregonian, and Capital Press.

We’re a reader-supported newspaper, which means the majority of our income comes from the support of our readers with a digital subscription.

Unlike other newspapers, we do not make editorial endorsements. Our sole purpose and goal is to write factual, interesting, ethical and vital stories and to be paid for that service by our readers.

We have two sister publications; the Gales Creek Journal, covering the Gales Creek, Glenwood, Hillside and Watts areas, and a special interest online magazine called the Salmonberry Magazine for news in and around the Tillamook State Forest.

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