December 2023 Banks Police Log

The December 2023 Banks Police Log is presented here as written and delivered to the Banks City Council. We’ve also provided the verbal report delivered by Deputy Frank Ward for your listening pleasure as well.

November 2023 Banks Police Log

This month’s police report has an update on the alleged city hall window breaker, numerous items stolen and recovered in an RV in Banks, and a back-and-forth discussion about traffic saturation patrols, the ability to text 911, and the legal process to move an RV within the city. Listen to the audio or read the report.

Clint Jackson awarded 2023 Banks Citizenship Award

The city’s annual rite of marking a prominent volunteer who’s made a mark in the city of Banks continued this November, this year honoring Clint Jackson, a well-known business owner, volunteer on the city’s Economic Development Commission, recently-elected Banks Fire District board member, and volunteer wrestling coach at the Banks High School, among many other roles.

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