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March 2024 Banks Police Log

As presented by deputies with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to the Banks city council during their April 9 2024 city council meeting

Good Evening Mayor and council members.

This is the Banks Police Report for the month of March 2024.

New News for the month is the Sheriff’s Office is implementing a new citation creating program that is a digital platform that works thru a mobile device and a Bluetooth printer. The complexities of implementing a new system like this takes a lot of time and training to work out all the kinks. I have been part of the testing for this new program to make sure it works seamlessly for the Banks Municipal Court. As with all new software programs there have been some bugs but so far the process for Sheriff’s Office Records to our Municipal Court is working very well and there have been no issues with this. The sheriff’s Office is hoping to have this system fully implemented within the next couple months.

I am in the process again of getting the WCSO Traffic motors unit to assist in some more upcoming traffic safety blitz to enforce speed, seatbelts, cell phones and other traffic safety issues within the City of Banks. My hope is to have 2-3 of these safety traffic campaigns over the summer.

Notable calls of service from within the City:

March 5th, at Oak Village Shopping center was a minor non-injury crash deputies investigated and assisted both parties in an information exchange. A police report was also filed.

March 8th, Buckshire St, a domestic was reported where a woman was pushed by ex-husband’s father in the ex-husband’s home. The investigation concluded that the force used was reasonable and appropriate, as the female was not welcome in the home of her ex­-husband, and she attempted to force her way into the home. This case was unfounded.

March 11th, City of Banks, DHS called for assistance to investigate a child abuse allegation. The investigation showed there was no injury and was not a matter of abuse. The case was closed without arrest.

March 15th, Maplecrest Way, a subject has been repeatedly calling and texting 911 to harass and annoy without needing any emergency assistance. After several criminal citations it was decided on this incident to make an arrest and book the subject into jail. This case was cleared by arrest.

March 28th, in the development, several reports of car clouts with several cars entered and rifled thru. One vehicle a loaded firearm was taken. All vehicles were unlocked. This is a great reminder that your vehicles should always be locked, and do not keep valuables or FIREARMS inside your vehicle unattended. In Forest Grove later that evening graveyard police located 2 stolen vehicles one with two occupants who were discovered with stolen items and some related to Banks thefts and another stolen vehicle that was involved in a pursuit and crash where the two suspects were not located. This investigation is ongoing with Banks PD, Forest Grove and the Sheriff’s Office.

Over March, 48 traffic stops were made with 24 citations written and one arrest for a criminally suspended driver who also had warrants for his arrest.

This concludes the monthly Banks Police report.

R=Reports, Y2=Warnings, Y3=Citations, TS=Traffic Stops, PD=Public Demand, Sl=Self Initiated
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Chas Hundley is the editor of the Banks Post and sister news publications the Gales Creek Journal and the Salmonberry Magazine. He grew up in Gales Creek and has a cat.

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