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County could face delays obtaining anti-icing materials this winter

Global supply chain disruptions have come to Washington County, and they have and could continue to impact county road work projects.

“The same supply-chain disruptions that are impacting businesses and store shelves are creating delays in Washington County road construction and maintenance projects,” an email from the Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation read. 

LUT said that some work was delayed in the summer of 2021 due to delivery times being double what the roads department expected, though the county noted that everything ordered did eventually arrive. 

As winter approaches, LUT warned that a number of materials could be delayed, including liquid magnesium chloride, an anti-icing agent deployed by the county on their roads.

The county expects to have enough of the material to last the winter.

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Other materials that may see delays include aluminum, used for traffic signs, and steel, used for signposts, guardrails, and . . .

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