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Banks Fire District seeks vehicle donations for training purposes

Do you have a derelict vehicle gathering dust and rust sitting on your property? The Banks Fire District is looking for more vehicles for their firefighters to train on.

“We have multiple new sets of battery powered “jaws of life” through a grant,” Banks Fire spokesperson Scott Adams said in a statement.

But, to use the new tools and train their volunteers and staff at their training facility at Buxton’s Hornshuh Creek Fire Station, the district needs vehicles to cut into.

The district’s 136 square mile territory has Highways 6, 26, and 47 running through it. As a result, the district responds to numerous high-speed crashes.

“To maintain our efficiency we do a lot of extrication practice, cutting up cars,” Adams said.

Not only do these cars serve as training tools for Banks firefighters, but also for neighboring agencies, who borrow the training grounds in Buxton and receive training from Banks Fire as well.

Adams listed cars, trucks, buses and left open the possibility of other vehicles as needed for training.

He said that in most cases, those looking to donate a vehicle would need to have the vehicle’s title, and be able to deliver the vehicle to the district. They need not be in running condition.

“Please no drop offs without contacting the department first,” Adams said. A donation receipt for the vehicle will be provided to vehicle donors.

Those with a vehicle to donate were urged to contact the Banks Fire District at 503-324-6262.

The Banks Fire District has stations in Banks, Buxton and Timber. It can be found online at and by phone at 503-324-6262.

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