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Clint Jackson awarded 2023 Banks Citizenship Award

The city’s annual rite of marking a prominent volunteer who’s made a mark in the city of Banks continued this November, this year honoring Clint Jackson, a well-known business owner, volunteer on the city’s Economic Development Commission, recently-elected Banks Fire District board member, and volunteer wrestling coach at the Banks High School, among many other roles.

“Clint exemplifies the criteria of this award,” the city said in an announcement congratulating Jackson for receiving the 2023 Banks Citizenship Award. “He has spent a lot of time helping to mentor the youth and develop programs that benefit the children of our community,”

Jackson, part owner of Banks’ Five Star Builders, was presented with the award during the city council meeting held November 14.

Clint Jackson is awarded Citizen of the Year by Banks Mayor Stephanie Jones. Photo courtesy city of Banks

The city received six nominations for the award this year, city recorder Angie Lanter told the Banks Post in an email.

Jackson’s laundry list of community activities also includes the donation and installation of a new scoreboard to the Banks High School, the installation of the American flag in the school gym, and the installation of the “Welcome to Banks” sign at the city’s entrance on Highway 6.

Clint Jackson (lower left) installs the “Welcome to Banks” sign near Highway 6 on September 10, 2021. Photo: Chas Hundley
Clint Jackson sits during a Banks Fire District meeting held Aug. 9, 2023. Photo: Chas Hundley

His efforts have included donations of time and supplies to the painting of the auxiliary gym at the school, and he supports the school’s athletics programs with donations, and, in 2023, with a paid entry into the football program’s cornhole tournament, came close to winning. Five Star also was one of the sponsors of the event.

“Clint embodies the qualities of an outstanding community member, giving both time and money to enrich the lives of the people that call Banks home,” the city said.

Jackson has also been involved with the local 4-H club.

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