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November 2023 Banks Police Log

Like last month, the police log for calls within Banks city limits in November was delivered verbally instead of in written form, owing to the short nature of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office report, as delivered by Deputy Frank Ward to the Banks City Council Tuesday evening during the public council meeting.

We’ve taken the council meeting audio, posted online by the city of Banks, and extracted the two main incidents and transcribed them to the best of our abilities here.

However, this month’s police report was expanded by way of a back-and-forth discussion between Ward, the city’s attorney, Dan Kearns, along with questions from city councilors about traffic saturation patrols, the ability to text 911, and the legal process to move an RV within the city.

Rather than transcribe this portion of the report, we’ve isolated the audio of the police report and uploaded it here.

Good evening. Again, kind of a slower month for reports and things, which is good.

The gentleman who was arrested in October for throwing a rock through the window continues to call and text 911 for no good reason, so we’ve gone out and warned him about the repercussions of continuing to call and text 911 when there is no emergency. So he’s also still on our radar, and we’re still trying to offer services and things like that.

There was a warrant service at Woodman and Parmley there was an RV that a couple of folks had been living in. We have since moved them along under city ordinances that you can’t live in RVs on public roadways and things. But at the time, they were living in this RV there at the corner of Parmley and Woodman. We learned that a couple subjects who were living in this RV had warrants for their arrest. So we went out, took them into custody for their warrants.

While we were there, Beaverton police called the deputies who were working, said “hey, we have pinged a cell phone that is pinging within like 10 feet of you.”

I’m kind of exaggerating, but it was right there. [Stolen out of Beaverton].

Later in the evening, Hillsboro police comes out with their graveyard deputies and recovers thousands more dollars of stolen property out of the RV to include power tools, DeWalt, [golf clubs…]

Chas Hundley is the editor of the Banks Post and sister news publications the Gales Creek Journal and the Salmonberry Magazine. He grew up in Gales Creek and has a cat.

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