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Banks Police Log January 2024

As presented by Deputy Frank Ward with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to the Banks City Council Tuesday, February 13 during the regular city council meeting. Listen to the verbal version of the report below as delivered during the February 13 Banks City Council meeting.

Towed Vehicle – NW Main St – Someone parked their vehicle in the alley/driveway behind city hall, blocking City Manager Becker in. It is clearly posted as authorized vehicles only. Hillsboro towing later responded and took possession of the illegally parked vehicle.

The towed vehicle at city hall. Photo courtesy Deputy Frank Ward

Towed Vehicle – NW Ashton Dr/NW Hammond Pl – On December 31, 2023, I tagged a vehicle for tow as it appeared to have not moved for several weeks and was filled with garbage. On January 3, 2024, I requested Hillsboro Towing respond and tow the vehicle as being abandoned. Hillsboro Towing later arrived on scene took possession of the vehicle.

The towed vehicle from Ashton Drive. Photo courtesy Deputy Frank Ward

Hit and Run – NW Main St – An unknown person driving a white pick up truck ran over the fire hydrant at the entrance to Jim’s Market. The hydrant was hit with enough force to knock it from its mount. It was estimated to be at least $1200 to replace the hydrant.

Suspicious Person – NW Main St – During the late night hours, deputies were dispatched to a suspicious person. It was reported that a male appeared to high or drunk and sitting in a new red corvette in front of Banks Billiards. When deputies arrived the male walking down the street and said he was walking home. The male returned to the billiards about an hour later which resulted in deputies being called back. The male was then officially trespassed from the location.

Towed Vehicle – NW Main St/NW Market St – A new red corvette was parked in a posted no parking and fire zone. Hillsboro Towing later responded and took possession of the corvette.

The red Corvette towed from Banks Billiards. Photo courtesy Deputy Frank Ward

DUII – NW Trellis Way/NW Main St – Deputies were dispatched to a possible DUI driver in the pick up line for Banks Elementary School. The reporting person described the vehicle as a new red corvette with the convertible top partially open. Deputies arrived in the area and set up to block the corvette in to prevent it from driving. Deputies were able to block the corvette in on NW Main St. The driver admitted to illegal drug use and was ultimately arrested for DUI and transported to the Washington County Jail where he was lodged.

The red Corvette in the Banks Elementary School pickup line. Photo courtesy Deputy Frank Ward
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