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Banks May 2020 Police Log

The front door of the city of Banks administrative offices. Photo: Chas Hundley

The following is written by deputy Ryan Pope with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the agency that is contracted to provide police services in Banks.

For the month of May notable events are as follows:

· Parking enforcement has resumed in Arbor Park.

· A death investigation was conducted with nothing criminal found.

· A domestic was reported and upon police arrival all parties had fled the area to avoid contact with police.

· DVRT concluded that based on reports from prior month investigation regarding alleged domestic violence to the victim was “high-risk” and she was contacted to review resources and safety plans with her.

· This investigation continued and evidence was discovered to establish probable cause that the victim was assaulted with injury and was menaced “threat to harm or kill causing imminent fear of death or serious physical injury”. This investigation took over 20 hours of interviews, evidence review, report writing and conferencing with the District Attorney’s Office. The suspect was arrested and lodged in the jail. After the suspect was in jail evidence that he may be in possession of firearms was obtained and his bail was increased significantly along with other measures regarding his release to increase the level of safety for the victim.

· Arbor Park in May several calls between male and female with ending relationship generated several calls and reports about trespassing and destruction of property. No crimes occurred due to the nature of the relationship and living arrangements. But with help from WCSO parties are now apart and issues should be resolved.

· Also, in Arbor Park there was another home where separation of a couple let to several calls reporting damage to property in the home. This was determined to be a civil issue and parties were referred to the court to settle these disputes.

· NW Main St, A traffic stop was conducted on a driver using a cell phone. His attention was so focused on his cell phone he did not see the emergency lights on the patrol vehicle for about ½ mile thru town. In that time, he swerved over the center line twice and nearly missed hitting a parked car. The driver had been cited and convicted 3 prior times in the past 7 years making this violation a misdemeanor crime. The driver was issued a criminal citation in-lieu of arrest.

· NW Main St, WCSO arrested a young driver after he was seen driving erratically and dangerously through North Plains and Banks in his 2005 Toyota Highlander. After rear-ending another car, the driver admitted to having smoked marijuana prior to driving. A Glock G19 9mm handgun was found concealed under the driver’s seat. Further investigation regarding the firearm handled by WCSO Detectives.

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