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Banks March 2020 Police Log

A Washington County Sheriff’s Office vehicle in front of Banks City Hall

The following is written by Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies assigned to serve the city of Banks.

COVID-19 has affected patrol operations and how we do business temporarily. It has been encouraged to handle calls if able by telephone and to limit self-initiated activity such as traffic stops to reduce contact with the public. Of course emergencies have not changed except the use of more PPE. 

Calls for service (March 2020): 

Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded/self-initiated to 140 calls for service. These calls range from dispatched calls for service, investigative stops, traffic enforcement, phone calls to city hall and city ordnance violations. 

From the calls for service and reports written some significant or noteworthy incidents are summarized. 

• March 3rd, NW Main St, A subject was checked who was passed out in a vehicle at Jim’s Thriftway in Banks. The subject was determined to be 20 years old and was intoxicated. The subject was issued a MIP and the parents came and picked the subject up. Not an Offense. 

• March 4th, NW Main St, Unknown person or persons stole $100 petty cash from 2 different cash boxes in the Advenist Health Urgent Care Office in Banks. At this time there is no suspect and this case is cleared suspended. 

• March 9th, NW Oak Way, A subject reported being hit by a tow truck during a reported vehicle theft. There was no theft and this was a lawful repossession. The subject placed himself in danger and caused its own injuries. Info only. 

• March 12th, NW Banks Rd, Subject violated a valid restraining order against soon to be ex-wife. Subject was taken in to custody and lodged in the Washington County Jail. Ongoing investigation into domestic violence continues. 

• March 21st, NW Broadshire Ln, Medical call for CPR was made and determined to be an opioid overdose. On duty Banks Deputy arrived and administered the life-saving drug, Naloxone or Narcan, and the patient was revived and transported to the hospital. 

• March 27th, NW Banks Rd, suicidal subject calls 911 after overdosing on prescription medications. Subject was placed on a mental hold and transported by ambulance to the hospital. 

Parking: Due to COVID-19 and the unique situations it has created such as a dramatic increase of people home, parking enforcement has been suspended as of mid-March except for RVs, trailers, and safety hazards. Most other parking issues are not being enforced thru this National Emergency. Before the relaxing of parking enforcement about 10 parking citations were issued.

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