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Banks July 2019 Police Log

A Washington County Sheriff’s Office car at Banks City Hall. Photo: Chas Hundley

The following police log entries are written by Banks deputies contracted from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. 

Animal Complaint: NW Banks Road, a dog was found loose from his yard on NW Banks Road after the homeowner found the dog had killed all of his chickens. The dog was normally contained on his owner’s property by an electric fence. It was unknown how the dog escaped the containment. The dog was impounded and taken to Bonnie L Hayes and the case was turned over to Washington County Animal Control Services. Case referred. 

Burglary: NW Oak Way, a resident reported that his home that was being remodeled on Oak Way was burglarized. The home was damaged by graffiti on the walls inside the home. No suspects were identified during the course of the investigation. The case was suspended. 

Theft from vehicle: NW Devonmore Ave, A resident reported that her vehicle was rummaged through during the overnight hours. Some of her belongings were stolen to include a homemade purse and other personal effects. The vehicle was possible left unlocked, no damage to the vehicle was observed. Case suspended. 

Child Neglect: NW Main St, a young 2 year old child was located wandering in the street near NW Main St and NW Sunset Ave. The child showed police where they lived and the mother was contacted. No harm was caused to the child and an investigation into child neglect was performed. Case suspended, DHS notified. 

Theft: NW Main St, one suspect was arrested after they stole liquor from a store on NW Main Street. The suspect was known to the store employee and was located at home on NW Jarvis Place. Case cleared by arrest. 

Warrant Arrest: NW Main St, A county Sergeant attempted to stop a vehicle on NW Main Street that was occupied by several people. After stopping, all the occupants of the vehicle fled on foot. A dog track was conducted and one suspect was located who had outstanding warrants and was wanted for other crimes. Case cleared by arrest 

Fraud: NW Main St, A business on NW Main Street fell victim to a fraud that was conducted over the telephone. An unknown suspect called into a store and pretended to be from the corporate offices. The suspect convinced the young employee to purchase prepaid visa cards with all of the stores cash and then provide the card numbers to the suspect over the phone. The store lost approximately $490. Case suspended 

Fraud: NW Buckshire St, A resident fell victim to a fraud that was conducted over the telephone. An unknown suspect contacted the resident via telephone and convinced them that their identity had been stolen. The suspect convinced the victim to empty their bank accounts and max out their credit cards. They then purchased prepaid visa cards and provided them to the suspect over the phone. The victim lost approximately $7,800. Case suspended. 

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