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Banks January 2020 Police Log

A Washington County Sheriff’s Office vehicle in front of the Banks city hall. Photo: Chas Hundley

Criminal Mischief: Quail Hallow Apartments- Two teenage female “ex-friends” arguing over rumors. One used window paint to draw obscene photos on the other’s car windows. Clear exceptional

Lost Property: Main Street- Vehicle plates reported missing. Clear Suspended

Death: Broadshire Lane- Male subject found deceased by a friend who came to visit. Cause of death was suicide. Not an offense

Harassment: Main Street- Business owner receiving threatening calls after patrons were unhappy with services. Clear suspended

Domestic: Sunset Ave- Brother and sister arguing over home responsibilities. Brother punched sister in the face and advised he was on meth. Clear by arrest

Theft: Jim’s Marketplace- Male subject left with cart full of groceries and did not pay. Deputies were unable to identify or locate subject. Clear suspended

Fraud: Scottston Terrace- Subject reported receiving a bill in the mail for something that she did not order, or receive. Clear suspended

Suspicious Circumstance: Banks HS- Student overheard a classmate joke about a school shooting. Reported to Oregon School Safety line. Information only

Theft: Scottston Terrace: Female reported a rifle as either missing or stolen. Did not have a serial number or description of rifle, and did not know the last time she saw it under the bed, where it was last stored. Clear suspended

Traffic Stop: Main St/Trellis- Deputies performed a traffic stop and found the female driver had a misdemeanor warrant. Clear by arrest

CPR: Roseshire Ct- Female subject found unresponsive in a locked vehicle. Life saving measures were performed and the subject was transported to hospital. Female subject had a felony warrant. Clear by arrest

Hit & Run: Maplecrest Way- Vehicle parked on the street was run into overnight, causing damage. No suspect vehicle or description available. Clear suspended

Suspect Contact: Depot Street- Deputies performed a follow up investigation to an incident originally reported in November 2019. Probable cause existed to arrest suspect for child abuse. Clear by arrest

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