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Banks February 2020 Police Log

Deputy Ryan Pope (pictured) has been assigned to serve the city of Banks while Deputy Frank Ward remains away to recover from a head-on collision in April 2019. Photo: Chas Hundley

The following is written by Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies assigned to serve the city of Banks.

Deputy Ryan Pope named as interim contract Deputy for the City of Banks, to maintain a consistent presence and awareness of public safety issues and criminal trends in and around the city. The assigned patrol vehicle used by Deputy Pope has been branded with the new centennial City of Banks logo. 

Calls for service (February 2020): 

Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded/self-initiated to 92 calls for service. These calls range from dispatched calls for service, investigative stops, traffic enforcement, phone calls to city hall and city ordnance violations. 

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From the calls for service and reports written some significant or noteworthy incidents are summarized. 

• February 4th, Banks Middle School reported a need for police to investigate a possible juvenile sex crime involving one of their students. Subsequent to the investigation it was determined that there was probable cause to arrest a Banks High School student in relation to the original report. This case was cleared by arrest. 

• February 4th, in the evening deputies responded to a suicidal threat involving a juvenile. Sheriff’s Office Mental Health Response Team (MHRT), responded and provided mental and emotional assistance to the juvenile and this incident did not require hospitalization. 

• February 7th, Jim’s Thriftway reported in the evening before, two unknown individuals attempted to pry open the Coke machine and steal the money inside. Entry was not made into the Coke machine but damage was caused. The two suspects were not able to be identified from the video and this case was cleared suspended. 

• February 9th, NW Washington, a resident reported a break in to the out building on the property unknown when it occurred. The homeowner was able to locate possessions belonging to them at a pawn shop in Hillsboro. The deputy was able to identify a suspect with pawn records and an arrest was made. Note: February 28th, this resident reported another theft of a utility trailer from the driveway. The suspect from the first incident is still in custody at the Washington County Jail and the cases are not believed to be related. This second case was cleared suspended due to lack of tangible leads. 

• February 16th, Wilkes St, an attempted sexual assault was reported that occurred on February 8th, Detectives with WCSO assisted and later documented that the victim wished to not proceed with the investigation due to her relationship with the suspect and his family. This case was closed exceptional per the victims request and was not investigated any further. 

• February 18th, Main St, Domestic assault reported by female occurring on February 17 by fiancé. The female did have visible physical injury and probable cause was developed to arrest the male subject. He was not located till February 20th when he was reported as having a behavioral health incident at his Main St. home. He was taken to the hospital for a Police Officer Custody at that time. Following his release form the hospital he was placed under arrest for the assault. Case cleared by arrest. 

For the month of February there were 3 parking complaints made all within Arbor Village. 2 were self-corrected by the time a deputy arrived and the other was not a violation but was perceived as causing an unsafe view of a crosswalk. The owner was contacted and the vehicle was moved to a new location. 

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