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Banks National Drinking Water Week coloring contest winners

Artwork: Alejandro Flores-Hall

The city of Banks holds a coloring contest every year to commemorate National Drinking Water Week for youth in Banks, and no pandemic can stop it.

Here are the winners — and their artwork — of the contest. First place winners receive a $25 gift card to Main Street Pizza, while their parents are gifted with a credit on their water bills for the same amount. Second place winners receive the same awards in the sum of $15, while third place winners receive $10 in the same awards.

Ages 2-4

1st place: Alejandro Flores-Hall (See above photo for coloring)

2nd place: Ruby Shroyer

3rd place: Lauren Hollis

Ages 5 – 6

1st place: Raygan Shroyer

2nd place: Bryce Rossing

3rd place: Maddox Gray

Ages 7 – 9

1st place: Lexie Schoegje

2nd place: Aubree Busbee

3rd place: Maryn Jacobs

Ages 10-12

1st place: Marissa Calvillo

2nd place: Saydee Shroyer

3rd place: Damien

Honorable mentions, all from ages 7 – 9:

Aerin Hollis

Lexy Gray

Grace Erickson

Mayson Shroyer

Chloe Rossing

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