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As ballots are dropped off in Banks, Lauren Sheehan serenades voters

Lauren Sheehan and Reina. Photo: Chas Hundley

In the Banks Public Library parking lot, more than 100 feet from the one of Washington County's 21 ballot drop boxes, Lauren Sheehan is strumming a guitar. She's there as a volunteer for the "Play For The Vote" organization, a nonpartisan group that aims to increase voter turnout with the help of music.

By placing musicians near voting locations, the organization aims to "make the voting experience pleasant," as Sheehan, a Tillamook County resident put it.

George Gunn's dog Molly. Photo: Chas Hundley

She was joined by her dog Reina, and George Gunn, a Hillsboro resident who said he's a fan of Sheehan's music. He was joined by his dog Molly as they sat under a sprinkling sky on Election Day.

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