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Statewide vehicle title, registration fees to increase by three percent January 1

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced a “historic transportation investment” that beginning January 1, 2022 increases by 3 percent fees for renewing vehicle license plates, getting new trip permits, and applying for vehicle titles.

The 3 percent increase is the third of four scheduled fee changes — the final increase is set for Jan. 2024 — stemming from House Bill 2017, the transportation investment bill known as “Keep Oregon Moving,” passed by the Oregon Legislature four years ago.

An ODOT press release says, “Residents across the state are already seeing improvements funded by these fees. This includes hundreds of millions in improved city streets, updated sidewalks and bicycle routes in school neighborhoods, reinforced bridges and roadways to withstand earthquakes and much more.”

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) already is mailing vehicle registration renewal reminders with updated fee schedules for tags that expire following Jan. 1, 2022. Additionally, vehicle owners are required to pay the new fee even when renewing prior to the end of 2021for tags that expire in Jan. 2022 or later. That includes payments made online, in person, or by mail, the press release states.

Passenger car tags and title fees under Keep Oregon Moving are based on a vehicle’s fuel efficiency ratings. Drivers of electric vehicles or vehicles that are rated at more than 40 miles-per-gallon (mpg) can pay the full fee for two or four years up front, or pay a lower fee and a monthly per-mile charge for miles driven in Oregon if they join OReGO at

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Passenger vehicles fees cover two-year periods, excluding new vehicles, which now are required to begin with a four-year registration. 

Current passenger vehicle registration fees are:

0-19 mpg, $122 for two years, or $244 for four years

20-39 mpg, $132 for two years, or $264 for four years

40+ mpg, $152 for two years, $304 for four years

Electric vehicles not in OReGO, $306 for two years, $612 for four years

The new passenger vehicle registration fees as of Jan. 1, 2022  will be:

0-19 mpg, $126 for two years, $252 for four years

20-39 mpg $136 for two years, $252 for four years

40+ mpg, $156 for two years, $312 for four years

Electric vehicles no in OReGO, $316 for two years, $632 for four years

Registration fees for owners of electric passenger vehicles enrolled in OReGO will remain unchanged at $172 every two years. More about the benefits of the OReGO program is available here.

Fees for vehicle titles will increase for 1990 model or older vehicles will increase on Jan. 1 from $98 to $101. Based on a vehicle’s fuel economy fees will increase as follows:

0-19 mpg, $98 to $101

20-39 mpg, $103 to $106

40+ mpg, $113 to $116

Electric vehicles, $187 to $192.

The increased fees go toward supporting safe routes to school, preparing for earthquakes, reducing traffic congestion, and improving city streets throughout Oregon, the ODOT press release states.

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