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Letter to the Editor: Elect Weber for Oregon House District 32

Gretchen B. Allen is a CPA and a resident of Astoria.

Suzanne Weber is accused by her opponent Debbie Boothe Schmidt of wanting to reduce school funding because of her stance on the Student Success Act or Corporate Activity (CAT Tax) affecting Oregon’s small businesses. As a business consultant and tax preparer, I take issue with this accusation. 

In my tax practice, I already see the effects of this tax on our small businesses. Debbie’s partisan rhetoric response that this will make large corporations finally pay their fair share and provide money for education proves how little she understands this tax and its implementation. ALL business, not just corporations as the name implies, with over $1 million in gross receipts are subject to the tax. When applying a tax to gross receipts, $1 million is still a small business. It is the locally owned market, appliance store, contractor, pharmacy, and many others. This tax is effectively a sales tax on Oregonians. 

The tax has already increased costs for our schools, businesses, and the people of the State of Oregon on items they are purchasing every day and current construction projects. How can Debbie say this tax has not affected her business? As of yet, no money has been provided to education. Will the money ever be provided to schools? We need someone who uses common sense, experience, and a nonpartisan approach to review this tax and the other issues facing our schools, small businesses, and all of Oregon. My vote for Representative of House District 32 is Suzanne Weber.  

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