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Column | Esther Lilly Hundley Diaries: Special Snow Edition

The snow in Gales Creek this morning. Photo: Chas Hundley

Here at Gales Creek Journal and Banks Post HQ, almost six inches of snow, freshly fallen, have made travel difficult, so we’re looking for something to fill our time. Take a peak back into history as we look at the Esther Lilly Hundley Diaries, where Esther and her family kept a farm in Gales Creek. Thanks to her meticulous diary entries, we know what days it snowed – and what they did to pass the time.

Go hunting

Sunday, January 22, 1928 – “A little more snow. Ted and Leon went coon hunting.

Do indoor crafts and catch up on your chores

Tuesday, January 28, 1930 – Snowed about an inch. I finished up my wool rug today. Billie & C.D. sawed some back logs. Oliver & his girl came for awhile in afternoon.

Catch a show in town

(In this entry, Gladie is writing instead of her mother Esther, who was taking care of an ailing Grandma Hundley in North Plains)

Thursday, January 1, 1931 – About two inches of snow this a.m. I was busy all morning. Bill and Elsie came about 11 o’clock. Aunt Norma brought Ma home about two o’clock. Saw a show in Hillsboro “Tom Sawyer”.

Take a nap, do your hair, then catch up on a real-life crime drama

Friday, March 27, 1931 – Snow, began to snow in nite, snowed till about 3 p.m., about 4 inches. (…) We slept some in p.m, then Marcelled our hair. (…) Bowels and Loueks murder case finished today 4 weeks, they are free.

The Bowles-Loucks murder case was a sensational case that gripped the West in 1931 involving a Portland millionaire, Nelson C. Bowles and his secretary, Irma Loucks, accused of murdering Bowles’ wife, Leone, in November of 1930. In 1931, a young millionaire from Portland named Nelson C. Bowles and his secretary Irma Loucks were accused of murdering Bowles’ wife, Leone. The court case took a few turns, including the defendants and almost half the jury getting the flu, and a key prosecution witness was stabbed and beaten in her home during the trail.

Bowles and Loucks were eventually acquitted.

Make a custard pie

Tuesday, January 12, 1932 – Snowed 6 inches in the nite. We did our usual work. I made a custard pie.

Make a board game

Friday, January 15, 1932 – Still snowy. (…) Gladie made a perchesia board & checker board.

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