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The primaries: A look at Debbie Boothe-Schmidt, candidate for Oregon House District 32

Debbie Boothe-Schmidt. Photo courtesy of the Boothe-Schmidt campaign.

Four candidates have filed to replace outgoing House District 32 state representative Tiffiny Mitchell, two Republican party members and two Democratic Party members. This is the first of four articles examining each candidate in advance of the Oregon primary election.

ASTORIA - As the old saying goes, in politics as in life sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Such is the hopeful perspective of Warrenton resident and Democrat Debbie Boothe-Schmidt, a Clatsop County trial assistant and co-owner of the Phog Bouncer Antique Mall in Astoria who found herself literally in the last minutes filing to run for election in the Democratic primary for Oregon House of Representatives’ District 32 seat, which currently is held by Tiffiny Mitchell (D-Astoria).

House District . . .

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