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Rural road work on county roads begins today

Paving, pavement repair, chip seal paving, surface stabilization of gravel roads, and more road repairs begin today at a number of county roads in the area, and not a single rural unincorporated community this newspaper covers will be spared.

Find the full list of county roads being repaved online here.

At some point from today through July 30, Strohmayer Road from Stafford Road to the end of the pavement will be undergoing chip seal paving, with lane closures delays and pilot cars guiding motorists through work zones, Washington County Land Use and Transportation said.

Clapshaw Road Hill from Kansas City Road to Hillside Road and Roy Road from Cornelius-Schefflin Road to Mountaindale Road will see thin lift overlay work.

And a number of gravel roads will see surface stabilization starting today, in this order, the county said:

  • Pihl Road
  • Green Mountain Road
  • Sellers Road
  • Lodge Road
  • Bacona Road
  • Scofield Road
  • Strassel Road
  • Hayward Road
  • Cedar Canyon Road
  • Narup Road
  • Eberly Road
  • Timmerman Road
  • Shearer Hill Road
  • David Hill Road
  • Murtaugh Road
  • Murphy Road
  • Corey Road
  • Old Pumpkin Ridge Road
  • Collins Road
  • Kay Road
  • Dixie Mountain Road
  • Jarrell Road
  • Pederson Road
  • Bishop Road
  • Sandstrom Road
  • Dixon Mill Road
  • Gibson Road
  • Dundee Road
  • Lee Road
  • Sain Creek Road
  • Scoggins Valley Road
  • Stepien Road
  • Tanner Creek Road
  • Knight Road
  • Firdale Road
  • Egger Road
  • Holly Hill Road
  • Finnigan Hill Road
  • Stark Road

Chas Hundley is the editor of the Banks Post and sister news publications the Gales Creek Journal and the Salmonberry Magazine. He grew up in Gales Creek and has a cat.

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