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Pihl Road lane closures and delays expected through October 11

The stretch of road that will be repaved. Image courtesy

MANNING – For those who drive on Pihl Road, lane closures and delays stemming from a county project to repave the road have begun and will continue through October 11, according to a schedule of paving projects from Washington County Land Use and Transportation.

Lane closures are to be expected from the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. between Pihl Road’s juncture with Highway 26 all the way to the end of the pavement, according to Washington County LUT.

The paving project is a “full-depth reclamation” project between Turk Road and the end of the pavement, with the stretch between Highway 26 and Turk Road simpler overlay work.

According to the Portland Cement Association, a nonprofit that promotes cement, full-depth reclamation is a process that sees crews remove the old asphalt and base materials from a roadway, pulverize it, mix with cement and water, and then compact the material to produce a strong, durable base for either an asphalt or concrete surface.

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