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Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson dies

Workers at Washington County Elections offices show Secretary Richardson how ballots are processed in May 2017, with Manning resident Shirley Javorsky in the purple jacket. Photo from Oregon SOS.

SALEM – Oregon’s Secretary of State Dennis Richardson passed away Tuesday at around 9 p.m. at his home in Central Point, according to a press release from his office on Wednesday. Richardson was diagnosed with brain cancer in May of 2018.

He was 69.

“Dennis passed away at his home surrounded by family and friends,” read a statement from Leslie Cummings, deputy secretary of state.

“From his service in Vietnam as a combat helicopter pilot to his 30-year legal career and 19 years in public service, this father of nine and grandfather of 31 found great joy in serving and taking care of others,” Cummings continued.

Richardson was the state’s first Republican secretary of state in more than 30 years.

With his passing, the next in line of succession to Governor is Oregon Treasurer Tobias Read, a Democrat.

Governor Kate Brown is now tasked with appointing a replacement to the office of secretary of state.

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