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Letters to the Editor: House District 32

Letter to the Editor: Elect Suzanne Weber to HD 32

Marlene Acker is a Nehalem resident

Our law enforcement officers are under attack. One only need turn on the news or read the newspaper to see it. While it is easy to dismiss these attacks as Portland’s problem, the hate of our first responders by extremists is evident here on the coast, as well.

At an anti-police demonstration in Seaside some time ago, we saw their message out in full force. I will give credit where credit is due; their actions remained peaceful and they didn’t cause damage like their comrades in Portland. However, their message was just as hateful. Several held signs calling all police officers racist. The group regularly chanted, “All cops are b*******” in unison. Seaside Police Officers did an amazing job keeping peace despite the hatred being spewed at them.

We need leaders in rural Oregon who support our local police officers. These men and women are our neighbors who put their lives on the line every day to protect our homes, our businesses and our lives. In the race for the Oregon Legislature, Tillamook Mayor Suzanne Weber is endorsed by the Oregon Chiefs of Police Association, Sheriffs of Oregon, Oregon Coalition of Police and Sheriffs, and numerous local law enforcement officers. Debbie Boothe-Schmidt is endorsed by Indivisible North Coast Oregon, an extremist organization that has publicly endorsed defunding the police.

If you want to support our local first responders, your choice is clear. Vote for Suzanne Weber. If you want to defund the police, Boothe-Schmidt is your best option.

Letter to the Editor: Elect Debbie Boothe-Schmidt to HD 32

Nicholas Bowling is an Astoria resident

Hello, my name is Nicholas Bowling and I am writing to tell you why I will be voting Debbie Boothe-Schmidt for State Representative of House District 32.

As a registered nurse, living and working on the North Coast I have seen countless residents struggle to access local affordable healthcare. Some residents struggle with transportation to Portland for specialty appointments. Others have to decide whether to buy food or life-saving medications each month. Other people have difficulty accessing local, affordable mental health or drug addiction services on the North Coast.

Debbie will work to lower healthcare costs while increasing access to quality, affordable care. Debbie will also work to increase funding for mental health services and drug addiction treatment. This is why Debbie Boothe-Schmidt is the best candidate for State Representative of House District 32.

Suzanne Weber is not the right choice for State Representative. Suzanne Weber supports Donald Trump, even though he ignored the COVID-19 pandemic for too long, continues to deny science, and refuses to listen to medical experts. Suzanne Weber also wants to cut a billion dollars of funding from Oregon schools, which pays for things like counselors, school nurses, and drop-out prevention programs. Suzanne Weber does not care about our health, access to affordable quality healthcare and should not represent House District 32. Debbie Boothe-Schmidt will actually fight for quality, affordable healthcare. Debbie is the right choice.

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