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Letters to the editor: Concerning a political mailer and Timber Unity

Two letters to the editor have been submitted this week; for the duration of the electoral season, we will publish letters we receive every Wednesday in an effort to consolidate them in one post.

Jan Mitchell is an Astoria resident.

A consultant- created large mailer from the Republican candidate for Oregon Representative for District 32 just arrived. It reminds me of recent County level campaigns where undefined “rural values” are represented as the “good” as opposed to urban (evil). This mailer has a dark side showing an uncontrolled fire with a black shadow figure implying it represented Debbie Boothe-Schmidt (in black and white). On the right are happy colors and a smiling Suzanne–who is said to “protect our rural NWO way of life”.

Indeed, Debbie did have political supporters (Senators Wyden and Merkley and Congresswoman Bonamici) at her campaign launch–because they indeed support her. Are they “Portland politicians” or are they our elected and effective National representatives?

We wish that Debbie Boothe-Schmidt had received “huge sums of money” from Portland and we ”radical environmentalists” (read anyone who supports balanced use of public lands or who sees this summer’s fires as a clue to temperature and climate change). Just who has the money to send out such flyers and put up large signs–and where is their funding source? Not Debbie!

Lastly, the flyer accuses Debbie of a lack of experience and ideas–of not having “depth in our communities”. Whoever wrote this ignored Debbie’s career, her small business, and her record in supporting human values. Oh, and there is a photo of Suzanne standing by a railing over-looking the Columbia River. Is this meant to represent her ties to Clatsop County? Do you believe her? 


Aletha Westerberg is an Astoria resident

Timber Unity is a rich and powerful political action committee – a true “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Originally Timber Unity was made up of log truck drivers concerned about fuel prices and climate change issues. Now “hijacked” by big corporations, they are pouring BIG dollar support to very right-wing candidates, including the Republican candidate for Oregon House District 32, who appears very reluctant to call herself a Republican!

Timber Unity disingenuously claims they are for working families, but just take a look at who they’re endorsed candidates are. They support Suzanne Weber who has no proof of standing up for working people. In addition, Weber’s other donors are big corporations including multiple out of state corporations. These corporations have never supported the interests of working people and will continue to cut jobs as they automate their industries. 

In contrast, Debbie Boothe-Schmidt has a track record of fighting for our working families and has over a dozen union endorsements. Remember, unions helped build America’s middle class. Debbie is supported by teachers, nurses, and social workers as well as small business owners. She has broad, small dollar support and will truly represent ALL of us in our northwest Oregon district.

First, learn how your vote will work for YOUR interests. Don’t believe the false messaging by Weber that is being bought and paid for by obscene amounts of money, trying to influence this election. Study the voter pamphlet to be an informed voter, then vote for Debbie Boothe-Schmidt for Oregon House District 32 representative.  


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