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From the newsroom: Five months in, our coronavirus reporting will remain free

It’s a new month and the same pandemic. 

Remember when some folks were optimistic that the shutdowns, closures, and quarantine might be a short-term prospect back in March, a time that feels roughly 20 or so years ago? 


It’s August; nearly five months since the first order to close bars and restaurants and other businesses came down the hatch, and after some initial successes, COVID-19 numbers and deaths are on the rise as partial reopenings happen across the state. 

Amid all this, we have kept our COVID-19 reporting free, lifting the paywall to make sure that folks have access to the information about this constantly developing pandemic. 

We’re also launching a new twice-weekly newsletter — also free — for anyone on our email list to read. It’ll include bits and blurbs that might not make it to a full article, COVID-19 updates, traffic and weather, and more. You can sign up for that right here

If you’re able, we need your support. Our paper, like many small businesses, has been hit hard by this pandemic. Unlike most papers in the area, we’re an independent and locally owned outfit. We have one full time employee and a regular freelance writer, but that’s it. 

The best way you can support our work is to sign up for a news subscription. You can do so right here.

You can also make a tax-deductible contribution to help us continue our free coverage of the coronavirus pandemic here.

Finally, if you think a neighbor or friend in our region would benefit from more local news, please spread the word! 

As always, stay safe, stay sane, and send us news tips to

Your editor, Chas Hundley

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