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Five applicants seek to fill seat on Banks City Council

Elections forms filed by applicants to the city council. Banks Post file photo.

BANKS – The window to submit an application to fill an empty Banks City Council seat has closed, and after a last minute series of submissions, there are five applicants seeking to fill the rest of resigned councilor Teri Branstitre’s term, which runs through December 31, 2020.

Branstitre resigned in January to move out of the city.

According to information submitted by the applicants to the city of Banks, they are: Gene Stout, a general contractor and Arbor Village Homeowners Association President, Jay T Haack, a retired radio broadcaster who now sells essential oils, Julian Quist, a mechanical engineer, Jacoba Kemper, a former automotive repair shop manager and paralegal, and Jodi Cain, who works in sales for J & M Homes, and volunteers as a PTO president.

According to a process decided on by the city council at the Tuesday, March 12 city council meeting, the applicants will now undergo an interview in front of a two-person committee composed of the mayor, Pete Edison, and the council president, Mark Gregg, who will review applicants and then recommend a candidate to city council, who will either accept the applicant or reject the applicant.

A vote to determine the next councilor will likely occur during the May 14 council meeting. During the March 12 council meeting, it was noted that scheduling interviews in the window between the closing of the filing deadline of April 3 and the next city council meeting on April 9 would be difficult.

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