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Concern over fire danger mounts as April temperatures rise

A series of burn piles burn near Highway 6 between Banks and Gales Creek on March 24, 2019. Photo: Chas Hundley

With a mid-April forecast showing temperatures in the low 80’s, depending on which forecast you read, local and state fire officials are concerned about fire danger.

“While the unseasonably dry weather is pulling Oregonians outside, it’s also spurring firefighters into action,” the Oregon Department of Forestry said in a press release issued Tuesday morning. 

According to ODF, the state has already seen nearly three times the average number of fires that have usually occurred by this time of the year. 

“For us, the message is always that wildfire really has no season. I've had wildfires as early as spring break, and some even in the dead of winter when we get a . . .

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