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Banks September 2021 Police Log

Deputy Ryan Pope drives in the Banks BBQ parade in Banks on August 22, 2021. Photo: Chas Hundley

As reported by members of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to the Banks City Council on Tuesday, October 12

Criminal Mischief/DUI – NW Main St – An employee with the In and Out Market called to report that an extremely intoxicated male was angry. The male entered the store with no shirt on so the employee asked the male to leave. The employee reported that the male went to his pick up truck, found a plastic grocery or garbage bag and put it on as a shirt. The male then went back into the market where the employee refused service to the male. The male became even more upset and threw the “tip jar” against the wall and the left the market. The employee was able to give a very good description of the male and his truck. Deputies later found the truck driving down the highway. The deputies stopped the truck and later arrested the male for DUI.

Domestic Disturbance – NW Maplecrest Wy – A female 911 to report that she and her boyfriend had been in a fight. The female reported that earlier in the evening, she confronted the boyfriend about something she had found on his phone and social media accounts. She said the boyfriend became enraged, grabbing her by the neck and pushing her into the wall making it nearly impossible to breath while he held her against the wall by her neck. The female said she was able to get away and leave the house. She then said that when she returned home, a few hours later, he was still irate. He grabbed her again by the throat and held her against the wall, again restricting her breathing. She was able to get away again and called 911. The male was taken into custody and lodged at the Washington County Jail. The male was released from custody after posting bail. A few weeks later the male returned to the residence and called her several times, violating the terms of his release. Deputies and officers with Forest Grove Police were able to determine that he was staying at a hotel in Forest Grove. The male was again taken into custody, this time for violating the terms of his release. The male was again released from jail after posting bail. The very next day the male again violated the terms of his release by going to the house, calling the female and general intimidation type behavior. Deputies and Forest Grove Police again found him at a hotel in Forest Grove where he was taken into custody. At the time of writing this, the male is still in custody.

Stolen Vehicle – NW Main St – A suspect stole a motorhome with another vehicle on a trailer. The suspect did not release the air brake when he took the motorhome, causing the brakes to over heat and seize just a few miles down the road. A neighbor, called 911, when the motorhome came to a stop because they thought it was suspicious. Deputies flooded the area and found the suspect walking down the road. The suspect admitted to stealing the motorhome and was taken into custody.

Burglary – NW Main St – Several concession stands and out buildings were broken into at the raceway. Each building that was entered was ransacked. The suspect(s) stole beer from the concession stands. There are no legitimate leads at this time.

Warrant Service – NW Main St – The owner of Sunset Laundry called to report two suspicious people. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted two males. Upon identifying the males, deputies learned they each had a warrant for the arrest. The two males were taken into custody and transported to the Washington County Jail where they were lodged.

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