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Banks September 2019 police log

A Washington County Sheriff’s Office car at Banks City Hall. Photo: Chas Hundley

The following police log entries are written by Banks deputies contracted from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. 

Welfare Check: NW Oak Way, One subject was arrested on a Police Officer Hold and transported by ambulance to the hospital after deliberately overdosing on pills in an attempted act of self-harm. Contact was made with the arrestee after a witness called in requesting for a welfare check on the subject due to statements they made about self-harm. 

Case cleared by arrest 

Suspicious Person: NW Main Street, a transient male from the coast was contacted on NW Main Street after he stepped into traffic and began flailing his arms and yelling at the motorists he had stopped. The Banks Deputy was nearby and quickly made contact with the man. After speaking with the individual it appeared that he was suffering from a mental illness and was unable to care for himself. Washington County Sheriff’s Office Mental Health Response Team responded and arrested the male on a Police Officer Hold. He was transported to an area hospital for assistance and additional resources were offered to him. 

Case cleared by arrest 

Criminal Mischief: NW Commerce Street, an unknown subject attempted to siphon gasoline from a vehicle on NW Commerce St. The resident discovered the fuel fill hose was damaged on their vehicle and believed that an unknown subject had caused the damage in an attempt to siphon gasoline from the vehicle. No suspect information was identified. 

Case suspended due to lack of leads 

Assist Public: NW Buckshire Street, A citizen reported that an unknown suspect created a fake Instagram account under the name of their minor child. The owner of the account then contacted several of their child’s teachers and made sexually suggestive comments towards the teachers. No crimes were ascertained during the investigation and the parent was referred to Instagram and the school for resolution. 

Information Report Only 

Criminal Mischief: NW Main Street, A teacher at Banks Middle School reported that their windshield had been damaged after a rock had caused a crack in it while it was parked near NW Main Street in a Handicapped spot. It was undetermined if the damage had been caused maliciously or on accident. 

Case Suspended 

Criminal Mischief: NW Maplecrest Way, A resident discovered that a window on their vehicle that was parked on the street had been smashed out. The resident reported that it did not appear that anything was taken from the vehicle. The resident suspected that his girlfriend’s son may have been the suspect and indicated that he did not wish to press charges in the matter. 

Case cleared exceptional 

Domestic Disturbance: NW Commerce Street, Deputies responded to a report of a Domestic Disturbance on NW Commerce St. Deputies learned that a teenage juvenile at the residence was out of control and had broken the door to the residence. Deputies assisted in restoring order to the situation and provided resources to the parent. 

Case cleared exceptional 

Suspicious Person: NW Banks Road, a citizen reported a suspicious person on their property located on NW Banks Rd. The citizen observed the subject near their shed located on the property. The subject left the area on foot after being observed by the resident and mumbling something the resident could not hear. The resident later found several of their tools that were stored in the shed stacked up outside of the shed. Nothing was taken. The incident was not reported for several hours to police so no attempts to locate the subject were possible. 

Information Report 

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