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Banks resident crowned Oregon Ms. Agriculture USA Queen

Photo courtesy of Alexis Mitchell

OREGON – Banks resident Alexis Mitchell, 22, is the new Oregon Ms. Agriculture USA Queen for 2019-2020. 

Mitchell will now move onto the final round, taking place next year in Ohio, in the Ms. United States Agriculture pageant, which pits the winners of each state where pageants are held against one another. The winner receives a scholarship (the amount was not disclosed by the event’s organizers, as well as other undisclosed prizes, not to mention a sash and crown. 

Mitchell, who lives here and works on a dairy farm, a graduate of Tualatin High School and Animal Behavior College, said she entered the contest to show other girls and women that it’s OK to speak up your mind and offer your opinion in the workplace, or anywhere for that matter, as the situation calls. 

“I took on the role of being Oregon Ms. Agriculture USA to promote what I love, and also to show other young women that there are so many ways to speak your mind,” Mitchell said, “and to tell others about what you believe in. We all have a voice and a way of doing things in this industry, so why not share it?”

Those who haven’t heard of the Ms. Agriculture Queen USA, don’t feel alone. The pageant only started in 2017 when Shannon Gallagher Winget, 28, of Pennsylvania, won the first National Ms. United States Agriculture title during the National Ms. United States Agriculture pageant June 24, in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Wingert said she just discovered the program just one year before the contest was set to begin. Her interests lie in growing crops, and growing dairy cattle and other farm animals. She also lives and works on a dairy farm while running her own business selling milk via retail.  

The number of contestants who enter the contest differs each year — one year there were four contestants; another year there were about a dozen — and it also depends on the age group. 

The pageants vary in each state the contest is held — Oregon, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Pennsylvania — and there are pageants for Teen Miss-Junior Miss Agriculture; Teen Miss-Elite Ms Agriculture; Queens Group; Peoples’ Choice; Areas of Competition; Prize Packages; and Age Divisions. 

Miss Agriculture USA is a new nonprofit promotional organization featuring contestants of all ages that promote, celebrate, and educate the different aspects of agriculture. 

Interested in Alexis Mitchell, Oregon’s Ms. Agriculture USA, making an appearance at an upcoming event? Please send email to [email protected]

For more information about the Ms. Agriculture USA organization go online to

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