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Banks November 2020 Police Log

A sign noting that Banks is served by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on NW Banks Rd. Photo: Chas Hundley

Theft – NW Main St – Three catalytic converters (valued at about $15,000 to replace) were stolen from three busses overnight while the busses were behind the locked gate. The suspect(s) had cut their way into the yard thru the chain link fence on the back of the property along the railroad tracks. There is/was no video surveillance for the area. Several saw blades were left behind which were collected and entered into evidence. However there are no leads as to a suspect(s). 

Mental Health – NW Devonmoore Ave – A person was found to be in a mental crisis by a friend from Beaverton. The friend drove from Beaverton to the patient’s residence due to some concerns of the patient’s well being. According to the friend the patient has been increasingly depressed due to the long term isolation and newly canceled Thanksgiving plans. The patient was found down the bathroom with an open bottle of medication next them and a razor blade near by. The patient was cared for by medical personnel on scene until being transported to a local hospital where the patient was left in the care of hospital staff on a Police Officer Hold. 

Domestic Disturbance – NW Maplecrest Wy – A neighbor called police due to hearing crashing sounds that sounded as if a person was being thrown around. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with everyone involved. The homeowners were having an argument with their adult son who lives with them. During the argument the adult son flipped over the table in anger causing the crashing sound the neighbor heard. No crimes were reported and deputies left the scene. 

Domestic Disturbance – NW Jarvis Pl – A child called 911 to report that his parents were fighting. Neighbors also were reporting the they witnessed a female pushing two children to the ground. Deputies arrived on scene and learned that the female was extremely intoxicated an uncooperative with answering questions about the incident. Deputies learned that the female hit the male half. And while the male was trying to take the children and leave, she pushed the children to the ground which was witnessed by neighbors. The female was taken into custody for harassment against the male and two children. The female was transported to the Washington County Jail where she was lodged. 

Domestic Disturbance – NW Maplecrest Wy – A husband and wife got into a verbal argument over potential infidelity issues. The married couple, who are separated but still living together, though in different rooms, got into an argument after the male found evidence of infidelity on his wife’s phone. Deputies arrived on scene and learned that no crimes had been committed. 

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