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Banks May 2021 Police Log

A sign noting that Banks is served by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on NW Banks Rd. Photo: Chas Hundley

5/1/21 – Arborpark Loop, Hit and Run – suspect hit parked vehicle and fled the scene. Deputy located suspect vehicle on Hwy 6 and Hwy 26. Vehicle was empty and suspect was later found attempting to hitchhike from the area. Case cleared by arrest.

5/2/21 – Wilkes St, Trespass – unknown suspect entered a home but nothing was found missing. Possible known suspect but no evidence case cleared suspended.

5/5/21 – Main St, Fraud – Known suspect forged checks to a local business and was captured at bank on video. Suspect identified and case submitted for warrant as suspect is transient and location is not known. Case pending arrest of suspect.

5/6/21 – Commerce St, Burglary, Vandalism – 2juveniles entered the mill after dark and caused several thousand dollars in damage to the mill when inside. Both juveniles have been identified and the case has been forwarded to the district attorney’s office for charges. Case cleared by arrest.

5/12/21 – Broadshire Ln, vandalism, unknown suspect threw rock into back window of vehicle. DMV Temp permit taken as well. Case cleared suspended due to lack of tangible leads.

5/12/21 – Main St, domestic assault, At the Banks Laundromat a vehicle with 3 subjects from out of the area stopped in to use rest room to clean female up after she was beaten in Clatsop County. While in Banks the female was assaulted again inside the bathroom and she escaped and found a bystander to call police for help. The two males fled in their vehicle and the female was treated by medical for injuries. This case is pending the apprehension of the known transient male suspect.

5/17/21 – Park St, Domestic Assault – Female reported male punched her in face during argument but no injuries were seen. Upon investigation the male recorded incident on his phone and had injuries. Female was then arrested for domestic assault, case cleared by arrest.

5/23/21 – Banks, Child Abuse – All details withheld, Case still under investigation.

5/23/21 – Oak Way, Domestic assault- victim avoiding police contact. Case still under investigation.

5/27/21 – Banks, Child Abuse and DHS assist, All details withheld, case cleared unfounded.

5/31/21 – Banks, Runaway Juvenile, All details withheld, Child in physical custody at juvenile detention now.

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