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Banks May 2019 Police Log

A Washington County Sheriff’s Office car at Banks City Hall. Photo: Chas Hundley

Burglary: NW Jarvis St Apartments, A resident realized that an unknown suspect had entered her home via a back window and burglarized the residence. Several items were taken. WCSO crime scene technicians responded and assisted with processing the scene for evidence. The suspect is still unknown at this time.

Case suspended

Theft from Vehicle: NW Groveshire Ave, an unknown suspect entered an unlocked vehicle and stole several items from the vehicle during the nighttime hours.

Case suspended

Injury Traffic Crash: NW Main St, a driver was cited for Driving While Suspended and Driving without Insurance after falling asleep at the wheel near NW Wilkes St., crashing into several parked vehicles causing extensive damage. The driver suffered minor injuries.

Case cleared with a citation

Found Property: Greenville Park, a small bag containing drug paraphernalia was found discarded in Greenville Park. The suspect who discarded the bag was unknown. The bag and its contents were submitted to evidence for destruction.

Case suspended

Theft: NW Main St, a suspect was arrested after stealing approximately $200 worth of cans from a business on NW Main St. The suspect was identified thanks to an alert citizen that observed the theft and was able to identify the suspect for the investigating deputies. The suspect was lodged in the Washington County Jail.

Case cleared by arrest

Sex Crime: NW Main St, the Banks Deputy investigated a report of a sex crime that involved two students at Banks High School. The case is still open and being investigated.

Case open

Assault: Sunset Park, deputies responded to a report of an assault at Sunset Park. One victim was punched in the face during a fight causing minor injuries.

Case cleared by arrest

Animal call: NW Oak St, deputy responded to a report of a small dog caught in the blinds at a residence. The owner was in distress and could not free the dog and was in fear of injuries the dog was sustaining. The deputy was able to cut the dog out of the blinds. The dog suffered only minor injuries.

Case cleared person assisted

Theft: Sunset Park, deputy took a report of a stolen bicycle that occurred during a camping event at Sunset Park. The bike was not able to be located and a suspect was unknown.

Case suspended

Behavioral Incident: NW Courtside Dr, The Banks Deputy as well as members of the MHRT unit responded to a report of a young person having a mental health episode. The subject was arrested on a Police Officers Hold and transported by ambulance to St. Vincent Hospital for further assistance.

Case cleared by POH arrest

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