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Banks March 2022 Police Log

Fraud – NW Sunset Dr – While vacationing in Las Vegas, a male’s cell phone while stolen. The suspect was able to use the cell phone to transfer money to his own account. The victim was able to track the phone and saw that it was at the Las Vegas Metro Jail, in the property of someone that was currently lodged there. This case was referred to Las Vegas PD for follow up and potential prosecution.

Theft – NW Main St – A male stole the cash register off the counter off Subway and fled the scene in a vehicle. At the time of the theft, multiple deputies flooded the area but were unable to locate the suspect. A short time later, the suspect vehicle was found abandoned. Deputies learned the vehicle was a rental and working with the rental car company was able to identify the suspect. Deputy Pope was able later arrest the suspect.

Criminal Mischief – NW Main St – An unknown suspect(s) shattered glass all over the apron of the front of fire station.

Theft – NW Main St – An unknown suspect(s) stole large subwoofer style speakers from the back of a student’s locked car while parked near the back of Banks High School.

Warrant – NW Main St – There is a “trespass agreement” on file with WCSO with the owners of the property prohibiting loitering and or camping on the property. Deputy Pope contacted two subjects sleeping in their car in the parking of Jim’s Thriftway. Deputy Pope learned one of occupants had a valid warrant out for their arrest. The subject taken into custody and transported to the Washington County jail where they were lodged.

Burglary – NW Main St – In the late hours of the night, deputies were dispatched to an alarm at the “Hop Cycle Taphouse”. Deputies arrived within just a few moments of the initial alarm to find the door forced open. The suspect stole cash from the register and fled the scene. A search of the area with a K9 was done as video shows the suspect leave the area on foot. The search unfortunately unsuccessful.

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