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Banks March 2021 Police Log

A sign noting that Banks is served by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on NW Banks Rd. Photo: Chas Hundley

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On Going Stalking Complaint – NW Main St – A male called to report that his now ex-girlfriend continues to call and text him. The male told deputies that although he was not to have contact with the female, per his parole officer, he continued the relationship including spending a weekend trip at the coast with her. The male then decided that he should no longer have a relationship with her and ended it. The female continued to attempt to communicate with him after being told not to. The male later applied for and was granted a stalking order. After being served with the order, the female still attempted to contact the male. The female was later taken into custody and lodged at the Washington County Jail. Upon being released from the jail, the female went to the courts and applied for a restraining order against the male, which was granted and later served to the male.

Domestic Disturbance – NW Maplecrest Wy – Deputies responded to a welfare check at a location outside of Forrest Grove. Deputies learned that a domestic disturbance had occurred the prior day on NW Maplecrest Wy. After speaking with the female half, deputies learned that the couple got into an argument. During the argument, the male had choked the female to the point where it restricted her airway making it difficult to breath. The male was taken into custody and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

Prowler – NW Atwater Ct – In the very early morning hours, deputies were dispatched to a report of a prowler. A neighbor had called 911 to report that he had seen someone jump over the fence of a house next to him and shortly after jump back over the fence and walk away. Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the subject. The property owner said nothing was damaged or missing and did not have good quality video of the back yard.

Warrant Service – NW Oak St – In the very early morning hours, a deputy doing extra patrol around the city, initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle after he witnessed a vehicle make an illegal u-turn. Upon identifying the driver, the deputy learned the driver did not have a valid license and had several warrants out for her arrest. The driver was taken into custody and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

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