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Banks June 2021 Police Log

A sign noting that Banks is served by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on NW Banks Rd. Photo: Chas Hundley

Notable calls for the month:

6/3 – Broadshire – Theft from Vehicle – Purse and wallet stolen from unlocked vehicle. No evidence or suspects found.

6/11 – Jarvis – Domestic – Verbal domestic dispute with no crimes- resources given to the couple.

6/12 – Behavioral Health Intervention call – Main – Subject with mental health crisis assisted and transported to local hospital for help.

6/14 – Hit and Run – Oak Way – No info on suspect or time or location, report to assist with insurance claim.

6/15 – see below

6/17- see below

6/19 – Juvenile Behavioral Health Incident – Family was assisted for treatment options with child.

6/25 – Menacing with a firearm – Main – Road rage incident where it was believed a gun was pointed at one driver. Evidence and search revealed no crimes and a vape pen was pointed at the other driver.

6/26 – Fugitive Apprehension – Main – Known suspect from two prior eludes in a vehicle was seen in town. A coordinated convergence of area police with assistance from Forest Grove, WCSO were able to apprehend the suspect before he could elude again. Suspect in custody

6/27 – Harassment – Jarvis – Neighbor dispute that went a little far verbally was tamed by Bnks Deput and no crimes were committed.

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