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Banks January 2019 Police Log

Two Washington County Sheriff’s Office vehicles parked in front of the City of Banks Public Works building. Photo: Chas Hundley

The City of Banks January 2019 police log includes calls responded to by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in the city of Banks. All logs are written by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and provided here as-is.

NW Main St/NW Cedar Canyon Rd – Traffic Stop: While finishing a crash investigation on NW Cedar Canyon Road, a Banks Fire engine was backing up, with its emergency lights on and flashing, as there was nowhere for the engine to turn around and the road was blocked. I heard the engine blow its horn and looked up just in time to see a pick up trying to pass (on a double yellow line) the engine while it backed up. I stopped the truck and spoke with the driver. The driver told me he didn’t know he couldn’t pass the engine and didn’t think it was a big deal on a double yellow. Ultimately the driver was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Banks Public Library – Theft: A female who lives well outside the city north of Buxton comes into town to use the unsecure public wifi at the library. While setting up her newly purchased laptop, she believes someone was able to access all of her accounts and steal $700 from her “PayPal” account.

NW Broadshire Ln – Welfare check: At about 0230hr, deputies working the graveyard shift were called about a welfare check. The deputies were told that a mother was calling because her adult daughter had come home high on methamphetamines. The mother said the daughter was complaining that bugs were crawling all over her and believed she had bugs infesting her hair. The mother said that the daughter had taken several showers since coming home and still complained of the bugs and was locked in the bathroom. The mother said she also found two baggies of methamphetamines in the daughter’s purse. The deputies arrived on scene and tried to convince the daughter to come out of the bathroom. The daughter refused

because she feared she would get in trouble if she came out. The deputies finally had to kick the bathroom door open where they found her naked and seated on the toilet with her knees pulled up to her chest and hands locked around her shins. After a struggle, the deputies were able to take the daughter into custody and take her to jail for PCS Methamphetamines.

NW Parmley Ave – Disorderly Conduct: At about 0330hr, Deputies working the graveyard shift were called to the area concerning a male blaring music from his car stereo. Deputies arrived on scene and found the male shirtless and sweating profusely while singing and dancing around in the street in the roughly 32 degree morning. Based on the male’s actions, deputies quickly realized that the male was more likely than not high on methamphetamines. When the deputies tried to take the male into custody, a fight ensued. The deputies were able to subdue the male and place him under arrest. The male was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and violating the terms of his probation.

NW Market St – Suicidal Subject: At about 0130hr, Deputies working the graveyard shift were called to respond concerning a suicidal male. Deputies learned that a wife was calling concerning her husband who was sending her texts that he wanted to kill himself. The deputies arrived on scene and spoke with male. The male said he had been suicidal for several months and had previous attempts. The deputies took the male into custody on a Police Officer Mental Hold (POH) and transported him to a local hospital.

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