Banks Fire wins $25,000 grant for AEDs and training

Banks Fire District #13. Photo: Brenda Schaffer

BANKS - After a long wait, the Banks Fire District has confirmed they were among 40 agencies and nonprofits to win a $25,000 nationwide grant offered by State Farm Insurance called Neighborhood Assist.

The district plans to purchase 20 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to place throughout the district’s 136 square miles, which includes the city of Banks, Timber, Buxton, Manning, Hayward, and more.

The grant was in the form of a contest, pitting 200 grant applications against each other, with the top 40 grant applications with the most votes receiving $25,000. 

It sparked a frenzy of support from community members, with conversations dominated by community members encouraging each other to vote daily for the district.

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Voting opened on August 13 and closed on August 23, with . . .

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