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Banks February 2021 Police Log

A sign noting that Banks is served by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on NW Banks Rd. Photo: Chas Hundley

Warrant Service – NW Depot St – Deputies responded to a report for a custody dispute. Upon arrival they learned that no crimes had occurred but an adult on scene was wanted for an outstanding warrant. The adult was taken into custody and lodged in the Washington County Jail.

Domestic Disturbance – NW Maplecrest Wy – A father and juvenile son got into an physical fight. It was reported that the son has been drinking and doing drugs. The father confronted the son, after which the son became angry and charged the father while swinging his fists. The son had struck his father several times but the father was able to separate himself and call the son’s mother and police. The father refused to press charges against his juvenile son, who left the house with his mother.

Harassment – NW Scottston Ter – A male and female are in the process of breaking up over a disagreement with the future of their relationship. The female had left for a preplanned vacation. While on vacation, the female sent several threatening and worrisome text messages. The male believes the female in going thru a mental health crisis and believed she meant all the things she was saying in the text messages and was fearful for his life. The female returned from vacation and agreed to meet with deputies. The female admitted to sending the text messages. The female was subsequently taken into custody and lodged in the Washington County Jail.

Theft from vehicles – NW Groveshire St – One of the victims witnessed an unknown person enter their car and several other unlocked vehicles in the surrounding neighborhood and stole items. The victim called 911 and deputies flooded the area. A search of the area was conducted but was unsuccessful.

Disturbance – NW Main St – A male and female got into a fight while at the laundry matt. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with the couple. The female reported that she was slapped in the face by the male. She stated that the male was asleep in the car while she was doing laundry. She said while she was loading the clothes back in the car, she may have hit him with the clothes, waking him up, causing him to become angry and slapped her. The male said he was in fact asleep in the car when he felt someone slapping his arm. He said he swatted the slaps away but kept his eyes closed the entire time as he was trying to sleep. Neither person had any visible injuries and no crimes could be proved.

Criminal Mischief – NW Main St – An unknown person slashed tires on three vehicles while parked in the gravel lot next to Banks Billiards.

Theft from vehicle – NW Roseshire Ct – An unknown person broke into a vehicle and stole the car stereo.

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