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Banks February 2019 Police Log

Two Washington County Sheriff’s Office vehicles parked in front of the City of Banks Public Works building. Photo: Chas Hundley

NW Jarvis Pl – Theft: A male living in the apartment complex has called a few times to report that his very expensive bicycle has been stolen from the back of his pickup truck. The male often refuses to give a description of the bike and says, “You should already know.” The male usually ends up hanging up on the deputies (myself included) when questioned about the bike. 

NW Banks Rd – Fraud: An unknown person used the victim’s credit card info and ordered a package for $200 on line and had it shipped to an unknown address in Forest Grove. 

NW Main St – Suspicious Circumstances: At about 4:30pm a subject tried to enter a fenced and locked backyard on NW Main St while the complainant’s son was in the backyard. It is unclear if the son is an adult or juvenile. The son yelled/shouted at the subject who took off running. The son described the subject as wearing a black hoodie style sweatshirt with red on it. Deputies did an area check for the subject but was unable to locate anyone matching the description. 

NW Groveshire Ave – Harassment: A female called to report that her husband was making vague threats about returning to the house and said the kids shouldn’t be there when he returns. It was determined that the husband has a right to be at the house and that no actual threats of physical harm to anyone have occurred. The RP stated the husband refuses to work on the failing marriage. The RP was advised to contact an attorney regarding the marital issues. 

NW Wilkes St – Disturbance: A 15-year-old juvenile female called to report that an adult male “got in her face” and yelled at her to mind her own business. The 15-year-old said the male did not touch or threaten her in any way just yelled at her. Deputies looked for the male but were unable to locate him. 

NW Trellis Wy – DHS: DHS called to report that they had received information from the elementary school that an 8-year-old student had threatened to “murder” another student’s mother if they didn’t do exactly what they say. I went to the student’s house and spoke with the parents. The parents said they had received an email from the school about the incident. The father showed me the firearms in the house and where they are kept. The father had previously removed the bolts from the rifles making them inoperable and keeps all the ammunition separate and locked away. The student told me the other student was being mean and teasing. The student said no one was going to get murdered. The school had already put a safety plan in place to ensure all students are safe. 

NW Main St – Attempted Stolen Vehicle: Someone had left their pickup truck parked in the parking lot of the high school. When the person returned the next day to get their truck, they found that the ignition had been drilled out. Deputy King watched the surveillance video and saw a dark figure enter the truck. Deputy King told me he could see the subject move around in the truck and could see the truck shaking. Deputy King said after a few minutes the subject gave up and walked away. 

NW Commerce St – Runaway: Deputy King was flagged down while patrol around Greenville City Park. A mother told Deputy King that she had been having issues with her 16-year-old son and knew where he was. Deputy King responded to an address on NW Commerce St and located the boy. Deputy King took the son into custody and returned him home to his mother. 

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