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Banks City Council adopts work plan

The city adopted its 2022-23 work plan, which resulted from the Banks City Council’s annual retreat that took place in February.

“This is written out in a nice fancy way again,” Mayor Stephanie Jones quipped at the March 8 city council meeting.

The Council Work Plan focuses on the council’s objectives in the year ahead: planning for sustainable growth, managing resources, providing community services, projects that focus on maintaining a safe community, increased opportunities for residents, and livability.

The work plan was developed throughout 2021 by Banks city councilors who listened to the concerns and feedback of citizens, business owners, task forces, committee members, and neighborhood associations regarding what they would like to see in their community.

Some projects are temporary and get completed by year’s end, while others become annual or ongoing projects that span many years, the plan says.

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The plan includes the Banks . . .

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