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Banks April 2024 Police Log

As presented by deputies with the Washington County Sheriff’s office to the Banks City Council

Hit and Run – NW Wilkes St
A subject backed into a parked car, damaging the driver’s side headlight. The subject reportedly got out of their pickup truck to look for damage. The subject then drove around the corner to look at and inquire about a property that may be for sale. The subject then drove away without leaving a note or attempting to contact the owner of the parked car. I was able to track the subject down and interview them about the incident. The subject denied hitting the parked car and said the damage to the parked car was not where their truck would’ve hit. The subject said they believed the damage would’ve been to the driver’s door, not the headlight, and that was why they drove away. I helped facilitate the exchange of insurance information.

DUII – NW Main St
A concerned citizen called to report a vehicle driving recklessly and had parked in front of the Banks Veterinary partially blocking their driveway. The citizen reported that the driver, having difficulty, walked away from the car. Deputies later found the driver in the parking lot of the Banks Library. A deputy specializing in DUII investigations also responded. The driver failed the SFST tests and was taken into custody. The driver was transported to Washington County where they later gave a breath sample of 0.19.

Warrant Service – NW Wilkes St
A male subject was contacted at their residence by deputies who were attempting a warrant service. The deputies recognized him as having a warrant for his arrest. The subject was taken into custody on two misdemeanor failure to appear warrants.

Violation of Release Agreement – NW Jarvis Pl
Several months ago, deputies responded to investigate a report of domestic disturbance. During their investigation, deputies developed probable cause to arrest the male half for domestic violence-related charges. The male was later released from jail. When a subject is released from jail (pretrial), the subject is required to sign a release agreement that prohibits them from certain things. A typical release agreement includes no contact with the alleged victim, cannot go within X amount of feet of the victim’s residence or work, as well as other restrictions. The arresting deputy learned that the male has violated the terms of the release agreement. The arresting deputy also learned that the male and female have since fled the state and are believed to be currently living together several states away. A warrant for the male’s arrest is likely forthcoming.

Chas Hundley is the editor of the Banks Post and sister news publications the Gales Creek Journal and the Salmonberry Magazine. He grew up in Gales Creek and has a cat.

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