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Banks April 2021 Police Log

A sign noting that Banks is served by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on NW Banks Rd. Photo: Chas Hundley

Domestic Disturbance – NW Jarvis Pl – A young couple got into an argument resulting in police being called. Deputies arrived and learned that the argument stemmed from one half slamming doors and cursing in front of the other’s young child. The couple agreed to stay separated for the rest of the evening.

Missing Person Located – NW Main St – A deputy was driving thru Banks when he saw a vehicle make a traffic violation. The deputy stopped the vehicle and spoke with the driver. The deputy learned that the driver was listed “missing endangered”. The deputy spoke more with the drive and learned that the person was no longer endangered. The deputy had the person removed from the computer system as being missing.

Juvenile Warrant – NW Arborpark Lp – A family member called to repot that their child had an active warrant for his arrest and was currently at Greenville City Park. Deputies arrived in the area and spoke with the juvenile. The juvenile was taken into custody due to having a warrant out for his arrest out of Clackamas County. The juvenile was transported to and left in the care of the juvenile department.

Fraud – NW Main St – A business called to report that one of their checks had been altered and cashed. The suspect showed their ID while cashing the check at a bank in Tigard. Tigard Police is also investigating the same suspect for doing the same to another business. The case was forwarded to Tigard Police as the actual crime occurred in the city of Tigard.

Theft from Vehicle – NW Ashton St – An unknown suspect had stolen the head lights from a car while it was parked on the street. Another victim called to report that an unknown suspect had stolen the LED light bar from their car.

Juvenile Warrant – NW Arborpark LP – A family again called to report that the same juvenile they had called in earlier had been released from custody but once again had a warrant for their arrest. Deputies again arrived in the area to look for the juvenile. After a search of the area the juvenile was located and taken into custody. The juvenile was again transported to and left in the care of the juvenile department.

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